Demo Equipment

TriCor would appreciate the opportunity to work with you on your next Liquid Handling Project. We offer many demonstration equipment items for your review including:

  • Sentry IsolokĀ® Sampler for Liquid Applications
  • Completely Operational ProMinent Metering Pumps
  • Completely Operational Admix, Inc. High Shear Mixer and Tank System
  • Completely Operational Watson Marlow Bredel Peristaltic Pumps, Hoses, and Tubing
  • Sample Paul Mueller Company Heat Transfer Items Including:
    • Temp-Plate heat transfer plate coil samples:
      • Single inflated/embossed (4″ by 4″)
      • Double inflated/embossedĀ (4″ by 4″
      • Dimpled jacket platesĀ (4″ by 4″)
      • Dimpled jacket material (6″ by 6″)
    • Accu-Therm PHE items:
      • Accu-Therm plate samples and corner sections of standard plates
      • Accu-Therm Free Flow plate section & corner section
      • Complete Model AT 4 FG with C-20 frame heat exchanger